Top New Games Released

Hey guys, just a quick post for me this time. There have been two new games released recently that I think really deserve your attention. If you’re wondering what to play, this quick spotlight may be just what you need at this time so without further ado, here are the most noteworthy new games on the market for PC users.

First one is Dishonored II. You’re probably familiar with this one by now since the marketing of Bethesda is doing a nice job but in case you’re not, it’s a first-person game that is very reminiscent of the old (and frankly speaking new one as well) Thief games. Of course, it is not a Thief game so you may expect it’s to be filled with some combat as well as great stealth mechanics.

Without going into much details to avoid the possibility of spoiling it to anybody who hasn’t played the original game and is planning on doing so, let’s keep things as basic as possible.

You have powers. You can blink, you can freeze time, possess humans and animals to gain all kinds of different advantages, it has a great progression system allowing you to upgrade some of those powers so they can be even more effective and on top of that, you have a wide variety of weapons. Not a very conventional weapons, but the stuff like crossbow with all kinds of darts, explosive, sleeping, steel, etc.  There are various types of Robles, like grenades and smoke bombs of a kind, blah, blah, blah you get the idea.

Possibly the best thing about this game is that it should you option for a nonlethal play through you may finish it without ever having to fire a single shot from your weapon or use your sword to assassinate anybody absolutely ever. This is of course the most challenging way to play the game but at the same time if these the most rewarding and makes you feel great while doing it.


The other recently released game that I would like to mention is Tyranny.

If you’re a fan of well-written role playing games that truly allow you to role play that’s highly likely that you’re more than well aware of this game. For those of you that are not, Tyranny is the latest game made by Obsidian Entertainment. They are the guys behind Fallout: New Vegas which is, by many considered to be the best “new Fallout” game, and to be honest, I do agree with this statement. It is definitely the most role playing modern Fallout title.

They are also the guys who made critically acclaimed Pillars of Eternity so, if that’s your kind of game, then Tyranny is definitely something you want to look out for. Otherwise, I recommend this one to everybody who appreciates a well written computer RPG with party systems and tactical combats where your choices directly affect the development of the story.


That’s it for today, just wanted to make a quick notice of these new games in case you were wondering what to play next. Hope you like my picks. See you guys soon!



Retro Game Spotlight: Arx Fatalis

In my recent post I mentioned Dishonored II and gave it some praise. It is well earned since Dishonored is truly an exceptional game, some would say one of its kind and it wouldn’t be too far away from truth. However there are those of us who can help but feel a strange similarity to an older game when playing through Dishonored.

Most of you have probably never heard about the game called Arx Fatalis. Why is this important? This game is a direct spiritual predecessor to a Dishonored franchise. It is made by the same people, the Arkane Studios and it is a fairly similar game having a hub like open world where the players are free to act as they see fit, just like in Dishonored.

Arx Fatalis is an open world but deliberately chooses not to be completely a sandbox game (learn more about open world and sendbox games here). It came out around the same time as the critically acclaimed The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind which was kinda working against it since Morrowind was a huge deal back in its day, especially when it cames to role playing and it literally overshadowed pretty much every game trying to introduce open world and to an extent sandbox elements.

Arx Fatalis is a game about exploration which allows for a very authentic role play experience. It is one of the rare games that provides the player with equal amount of challenge and fun no matter what role you choose to play and no matter what side you pick. Unlike most of the modern games that try to present as much of their content to a player during one play through as possible, Arx Fatalis options out for a replayability rather than for a lengthy play through but this does not mean that the game itself is not very rich and lengthy experience for a single play through.

It perfectly blends the genres of exploration adventure with the semi open world mechanics allowing the player to gradually progress throughout the areas but not letting them wander off too far for their own good. This creates a feeling of an open world without restrictions, invisible barriers or similar immersion breaking mechanics making you feel as though you actually belong in the world that you inhabit.

Other than its thoughtfully designed open world and character development, the game features one of the most interesting spell casting mechanics ever seen in a video game. Holding down the cast button brings up the cursor which you use to draw runes on screen. Specific combinations of runes have specific effects so playing a mage requires you to actually memorize all the different combinations in order to play efficiently. In my case this actually contributed greatly to the feel of being a mage.

Last but not least, there is the fact that some people would perhaps like to experience a bit of that Dishonored feel but are simply not able to do so due to the technical limitations of their hardware and there’s a great probability that this game will run as smooth as possible no matter how under powered you computer is so, there’s another reason to give it a go.



What Makes Undertale so Good?

The game reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Everybody’s talking about this game like it’s the best thing ever or at least the next best thing to it. From the looks of it, Undertale is nothing but a very cheap looking turn-based indie RPG inspired by the early Final Fantasy and similar games with the addition of looking much worse than those games that were made in the late 80’s. But, is that truly what matters? Are the games looks really that important? Is it possible for a game like this to have higher user rating than some titles like Mass Effect 3 or Fallout 3?

Of course it is possible. Graphics do not matter when it comes to good game play or the ability of a game to immerse you in itself, make you feel like a part of the world, introduce you to some lovable and memorable characters and tell a story in a very specific way that only a video game can do. That is precisely what Undertale does.

It is one of those experience that focuses strictly on being a playable and much less about being a visual title. It is an RPG game and it earns its RPG genre title. It plays with all the mechanics of an RPG, exploring the possibilities of choice and consequence and it lets the player make the ultimate decision without ever guiding he’s actions or forcing a decision upon him. This game is filled to the brim with mechanics like these.

The story itself is quite memorable and you are most likely to be thinking about it long after you’ve actually beaten the game. Same goes for the characters. They are charming, memorable and hilarious and you will without a doubt have some kind of feelings for them, whether it’s love, hate, pity, etc.

The game itself is meant to be an experience. Your personal experience to be exact. This game takes notion of what you’re doing and then it uses that information to create your own, personal experience. And it plays with it, letting you know that it knows what you are doing and what you did and, underlining how all your actions will eventually have some kind of consequences. For example;

early in the game you may choose to do something that you will inevitably come to regret shortly after. Depending on how you feel about it you may want to undo it so the natural thing to do is load an earlier save game and make a different choice this time. However, Undertale is very smart and absolutely unique when it comes to this kind of things. Should you option for this way of fixing or, undoing things, the game will actually mock you pointing out how it knows what you’ve done and how it’s completely aware that you just loaded a previous save game in order to fix what you did.

And that’s not the only situation but in order not to spoil anything, I will keep it short and won’t make any more references, it is up to you to find out. The game wants you to discover it for yourself, it wants it to be your personal experience. I can tell you nothing more beside how I strongly encourage you to give this game a try and let it become a part of your gaming memories.