Why Gear Grind in Games is Not Soemthing to Strive For

I talked about Warframe recently and how I would like the game from the description knowing that it incorporates a lot of gear grinding gameplay. I felt the urge to explain why I don’t really feel that this is something that the developers should strive for as a revolving gameplay mechanic.


Gear grinding is, simply put a result of a lazy development. At least that’s how I see it.

I remember when Borderlands was initially announced and how developers stated that the game will feature (now I might be wrong since years have passed and I’m not really a fan of the game but I believe it was) around 17,500,000 of different guns in total.

First off, it would be a very, very complicated if not virtually impossible to make this many guns and make it so that each and every one of those is unique. What they did is that they actually wrote a script that would combine all the different projectile types with all the different firing modes and all different ammo types which, honestly speaking I don’t think is nowhere near the amount stated above, but still that game does in fact have a lot of guns no matter what the actual number is.


Here’s the trick about having that many computer generated weapons. Literally every fifth gun is like the previous one. After some time you realize that you’ve seen all the possible combinations and skins and that nothing really changes except for the numbers of the damage they inflict and what most of the players will actually do is they will forget about the initial hype over an insane number of guns presented in a videogame because that’s not actually the case and they will pick one that works for them and go throughout the entire game using what they feel familiar with and what they think it’s effective. Now from this point it doesn’t take a lot of time to realize that there’s not really that much to this game other than this insane number of usable weapons.

Yes, there’s a story but the game doesn’t really offer anything new to the player. You’re following the storyline, your completing quests one by one doing the exact same thing as you just did and that’s mostly shooting everything that moves on the screen. And there are a lot of games that do the exact same thing. Diablo for example also made an entire very sucessful franchise based on this mechanic. The whole purpose of Diablo is to mindlessly grind from an area to an area until you get just what you need. Sadly it appears that the new Shadow Warrior also option for this same mechanic but until I’ve actually played it for myself I wait until I pass the final verdict. The footage actually seems very good in the game looks like a very fun game to play in the first place and that is kind of where I’m prepared to blur a line between gear grinding and having fun.

This type of gameplay is not inherently bad. If the game is (for example) FPS and has fun enough gunplay to keep me occupied for thousands of hours, then I’m fine with the gear grinding. This happens because the game is a solid game in its own and it uses its wide variety of content (guns in this case) to break the monotony and be able to still offer something new for the player even after extended periods of time (but I would still prefer if it was a journey of a kind rather than to replay the same content over and over again hoping this time I will get better loot). The whole purpose of grind is to fill your games to the brim with content which is always repetitive and afterwhile you’ve seen it all, nothing ever changes, that’s all you do for the rest of the game. In my honest opinion, it is much better if the game is short but memorable. If every moment of the game is an experience for itself, something new to experience and enjoy for a moment, it doesn’t matter if we don’t get enough of it, that’s exactly why we can always replay the game.

If the game is using gear grinding and insane amount of repetitive content to make itself longer, it can become tedious after a while and the player won’t feel any pleasure from progress which usually leads to player being bored and drop the game for good. A great example of this is new NBA 2K games. I’ve purchased NBA 2K17 and I was bored out of my mind when I realized the amount of virtual currency that I would need if I ever wanted to unlock everything the game. If they made it like a reward for completing specific challenges or, I do know expanded the story and introduced us with scores and who knows what’s that would help us get more virtual currency faster without having to grind for days, that would made NBA 2K17 a ten times more enjoyable game. Now, I’m completely aware that this is just a way for the publisher to grab some extra money after they’ve actually sold the game and for those precise reasons I optioned for a cheat, since that is a good way to get codes and fast too,here is the link dunkjunkie.com/nba-2k17-locker-codes/ – it doesnt work anymore.

Of course this is only my personal opinion of the gear grinding and it doesn’t mean that it’s automatically correct just because I feel that way. Feel free to enjoy anything you like but do me a favor and ask yourself if grinding for hours through an already seen content is truly what makes games good or perhaps it’s something else?