Mixed reviews of NBA 2K18. Is it Good or Bad?


A lot of people and been talking about this game. It is one of the biggest sports games of our time and has been a rather successful franchise ever since the early 2000’s. Back when the game was initially released it focused on what it should focus, the basketball. Has been receiving the increased number of negative reviews over the course of time due to its implementation of the payment wall.

The game has locking parts of it behind a payment wall for quite some time. Every year we seem to be getting less content for more money. NBA 2K18 absolutely overkills the payment wall.


The bad

If you’re a player who likes to get the most out of this game and cares for all of its aspects, then I would honestly suggest you to give this title. The story mode, actually, everything except for the exhibition matches is ridden with locked content.

Things like applying a tattoo to your player will require virtual currency, or VC. If you want to change her clothes and in any way personalize your player character you can either grind for a very long time or straight off purchase the virtual currency for your account and immediately apply it. Thankfully, sites like GameBag offer ways to cheat the system and glitch the game for free NBA 2K18 VC with various tools. Check it out and save some time and money for yourself: https://gamebag.org/nba-2k18-vc-glitch/

and not only that. Cosmetic items are not that important and while that doesn’t justify the fact that they are requiring additional payment for those, let’s just take a look at the other things.

The game asks you to pay in order to improve your character as well. It’s either that or you’re going to have to grind for hundreds of hours and I’m not actually exaggerating. I’ve read the reports of players who played for 30 hours and were nowhere near even half the road to maximize their character with the VC earned by playing the game. In other words, the game really wants you to pay additionally.

And let’s not even talk about how bad the PC version of the game is. It crashes, it deletes your progress and its “forgets” that you’ve earned a lot of VC so you have to do it all over again…


The good

To be honest, the bad absolutely overshadows the good which doesn’t mean that there is nothing good about this game because there is. If your player who cares mostly for the exhibition matches and wants to play the game with friends over some pizza every now and then, this is the perfect game for you.

The gameplay is better than ever, it’s polished and it runs smoothly (when it actually doesn’t crash). The game looks amazing, the soundtrack is okay and the live commentary will most certainly make every game feel special.


However, this game suffers from some heavy corporate influence. If you’re not planning on exploring the story mod and you plan to stick to game manager mostly an exhibition matches, this is a good game. If you want to have the full experience, I recommend you most definitely skip this one and send the message to 2K that you are not going to put up with this.



Why Gear Grind in Games is Not Soemthing to Strive For

I talked about Warframe recently and how I would like the game from the description knowing that it incorporates a lot of gear grinding gameplay. I felt the urge to explain why I don’t really feel that this is something that the developers should strive for as a revolving gameplay mechanic.


Gear grinding is, simply put a result of a lazy development. At least that’s how I see it.

I remember when Borderlands was initially announced and how developers stated that the game will feature (now I might be wrong since years have passed and I’m not really a fan of the game but I believe it was) around 17,500,000 of different guns in total.

First off, it would be a very, very complicated if not virtually impossible to make this many guns and make it so that each and every one of those is unique. What they did is that they actually wrote a script that would combine all the different projectile types with all the different firing modes and all different ammo types which, honestly speaking I don’t think is nowhere near the amount stated above, but still that game does in fact have a lot of guns no matter what the actual number is.


Here’s the trick about having that many computer generated weapons. Literally every fifth gun is like the previous one. After some time you realize that you’ve seen all the possible combinations and skins and that nothing really changes except for the numbers of the damage they inflict and what most of the players will actually do is they will forget about the initial hype over an insane number of guns presented in a videogame because that’s not actually the case and they will pick one that works for them and go throughout the entire game using what they feel familiar with and what they think it’s effective. Now from this point it doesn’t take a lot of time to realize that there’s not really that much to this game other than this insane number of usable weapons.

Yes, there’s a story but the game doesn’t really offer anything new to the player. You’re following the storyline, your completing quests one by one doing the exact same thing as you just did and that’s mostly shooting everything that moves on the screen. And there are a lot of games that do the exact same thing. Diablo for example also made an entire very sucessful franchise based on this mechanic. The whole purpose of Diablo is to mindlessly grind from an area to an area until you get just what you need. Sadly it appears that the new Shadow Warrior also option for this same mechanic but until I’ve actually played it for myself I wait until I pass the final verdict. The footage actually seems very good in the game looks like a very fun game to play in the first place and that is kind of where I’m prepared to blur a line between gear grinding and having fun.

This type of gameplay is not inherently bad. If the game is (for example) FPS and has fun enough gunplay to keep me occupied for thousands of hours, then I’m fine with the gear grinding. This happens because the game is a solid game in its own and it uses its wide variety of content (guns in this case) to break the monotony and be able to still offer something new for the player even after extended periods of time (but I would still prefer if it was a journey of a kind rather than to replay the same content over and over again hoping this time I will get better loot). The whole purpose of grind is to fill your games to the brim with content which is always repetitive and afterwhile you’ve seen it all, nothing ever changes, that’s all you do for the rest of the game. In my honest opinion, it is much better if the game is short but memorable. If every moment of the game is an experience for itself, something new to experience and enjoy for a moment, it doesn’t matter if we don’t get enough of it, that’s exactly why we can always replay the game.

If the game is using gear grinding and insane amount of repetitive content to make itself longer, it can become tedious after a while and the player won’t feel any pleasure from progress which usually leads to player being bored and drop the game for good. A great example of this is new NBA 2K games. I’ve purchased NBA 2K17 and I was bored out of my mind when I realized the amount of virtual currency that I would need if I ever wanted to unlock everything the game. If they made it like a reward for completing specific challenges or, I do know expanded the story and introduced us with scores and who knows what’s that would help us get more virtual currency faster without having to grind for days, that would made NBA 2K17 a ten times more enjoyable game. Now, I’m completely aware that this is just a way for the publisher to grab some extra money after they’ve actually sold the game and for those precise reasons I optioned for a cheat, since that is a good way to get codes and fast too,here is the link dunkjunkie.com/nba-2k17-locker-codes/ – it doesnt work anymore.

Of course this is only my personal opinion of the gear grinding and it doesn’t mean that it’s automatically correct just because I feel that way. Feel free to enjoy anything you like but do me a favor and ask yourself if grinding for hours through an already seen content is truly what makes games good or perhaps it’s something else?


Warframe Sure Came a Long Way

Warframe. I remember when I first saw this game appeared in my steam store page. I’m not particularly big on free to play games since most of them tend to be just a cheap excuse for a picture when system. I’m also not very big on multiplayer games especially not massive multiplayer. Gear grinding is definitely not my thing, I prefer my games to be experiences, not really repetitive levels of one and the same over and over again where you hope to get a different kind of loot at the end. Now that I think about it, it really makes no sense to me why would I even think about installing a game like Wareframe in a first place. It’s been around 3 years since then…

For those of you unfamiliar with the game, Warframe is a space themed fast-paced, action-packed third person shooter / hack and slash game. It is also a massive multiplayer game where you’re free to go from planet to planet and undertake all kinds of missions that will reward you in some way of completion. If you really think about it, it is a weird game that combines massive multiplayer RPG elements with the game play of titles like Killing Floor and Left 4 Dead where you battle never-ending hordes of enemies but at the same time the game will reward you like a Diablo game would with all kinds of crazy randomly generated loot that may but will probably not ever come in handy to your character and you will end up selling it or fusing it into something that you prefer more that. This probably makes absolutely no sense to you…

So basically when the game was starting out, Digital Extremes, the developer studio behind this game, were trying to sell this game to a publisher. They thought that the idea was great and were actually trying to realize it for quite some time. If you’re familiar with the game Dark Sector which was not really a huge success but still a cool game you may be familiar with Digital Extremes and what they were trying to accomplish a long time ago. It was Warframe basically in its very early alpha state.

Back then they were developing under a publisher and they were unable to contain their original creativity with the game and it ended up like another third person shoot them up game with some cool gimmicks and unconventional weapons like the glaive which was what was selling the game for the most part.

So, since they weren’t really able to express themselves and make the game that they wanted to make in the first place under a publisher they decided to go independent and started working on Warframe.

In its playable beta they presented the game to many different publishers and most of them weren’t really interested in the game while some of them completely wrote them off saying how the game will never succeed.

I remember just how mindlessly fun the original build of the Warframe was. It was a game barely out of its alpha phase and it was by no means something that I would ever consider playing if I bothered to read the description and game play tags back then. I blindly picked it up and before I knew it I have invested over 30 hours in an early access third person shooter with no story or anything besides its addictive game play whatsoever. To me personally, that fact alone spoke volumes about the game’s quality and I couldn’t believe that the publishers condemned this game after seeing it.


All of that happened a long time ago. The game was frequently updated and new content was gradually released and added but I was kinda burned out, I played this game for over 1000 hours and I felt the need to simply move on and play something else for a while, not that the game was bad or anything, I just had enough.

It was just recently that I’ve noticed an update and decided to give Warframe another run, mostly out of curiosity just to see how much the developers have changed the game during this prolonged period of my absence. Damn, was I surprised.

This game is literally unrecognizable. All the qualities that made the game so playable in the first place are kept and improved beyond my wildest imaginations. The amount of weapons, modifications for those weapons and the characters that you can play now is absurd. I can’t help but think that there are millions of possibilities that you can build your character and his weapons that you may never, ever run up to somebody who is exactly like you. The amount of customization is mind blowing. And this is not just for show, no. All the upgrades, all the modifications serve a specific purpose. They are all better and worse than their counterparts in some manner so you will have to choose between one situation or the other or generally go for a fairly balanced jack of all trades but a master of none.


Game modes the previously consisted out of running through a level killing everything in your site are now expanded so much. From piloting badass mechs suits while wearing your own super cool cyborg suit and flying through the air shooting asteroids and spacecrafts that go boom in such a spectacular way, to boss fights that require strategy team played to take down and even stealth missions that require you to hide and proceed unnoticed to retrieve some sensitive data from the enemy. Just wow, this game surely changed, and the changes absolutely without a doubt for the better.

It even feature story and cut scenes so you may introduce yourself with the world of Warframe and find out more about Tenno and their ways. How they became what they are today and what are they fighting for, who are their enemies and why are they as they are.

The game evolved beyond recognition and I’m super glad that these developers decided to go independent and stick to their own creativeness and ideas this fight all the “experts” telling them they should quit. It really puts a smile on my face when I see something like this happens in the gaming industry.

I encourage you to give frame a try if you like fast-paced shooting, martial arts fighting, agile, flexible parkour movement, team play, stealth play, super cool boss battles, cyborgs, ninjas and generally good video games. The best thing about it is that this baby comes absolutely for free and it is a rare example of a video game where you absolutely never ever have to spend a dollar in order to gain more power. Everything is available from within the game and the only thing you’re actually unable to unlock our cosmetics and slots for more playable characters and their weapons.


Top New Games Released

Hey guys, just a quick post for me this time. There have been two new games released recently that I think really deserve your attention. If you’re wondering what to play, this quick spotlight may be just what you need at this time so without further ado, here are the most noteworthy new games on the market for PC users.

First one is Dishonored II. You’re probably familiar with this one by now since the marketing of Bethesda is doing a nice job but in case you’re not, it’s a first-person game that is very reminiscent of the old (and frankly speaking new one as well) Thief games. Of course, it is not a Thief game so you may expect it’s to be filled with some combat as well as great stealth mechanics.

Without going into much details to avoid the possibility of spoiling it to anybody who hasn’t played the original game and is planning on doing so, let’s keep things as basic as possible.

You have powers. You can blink, you can freeze time, possess humans and animals to gain all kinds of different advantages, it has a great progression system allowing you to upgrade some of those powers so they can be even more effective and on top of that, you have a wide variety of weapons. Not a very conventional weapons, but the stuff like crossbow with all kinds of darts, explosive, sleeping, steel, etc.  There are various types of Robles, like grenades and smoke bombs of a kind, blah, blah, blah you get the idea.

Possibly the best thing about this game is that it should you option for a nonlethal play through you may finish it without ever having to fire a single shot from your weapon or use your sword to assassinate anybody absolutely ever. This is of course the most challenging way to play the game but at the same time if these the most rewarding and makes you feel great while doing it.


The other recently released game that I would like to mention is Tyranny.

If you’re a fan of well-written role playing games that truly allow you to role play that’s highly likely that you’re more than well aware of this game. For those of you that are not, Tyranny is the latest game made by Obsidian Entertainment. They are the guys behind Fallout: New Vegas which is, by many considered to be the best “new Fallout” game, and to be honest, I do agree with this statement. It is definitely the most role playing modern Fallout title.

They are also the guys who made critically acclaimed Pillars of Eternity so, if that’s your kind of game, then Tyranny is definitely something you want to look out for. Otherwise, I recommend this one to everybody who appreciates a well written computer RPG with party systems and tactical combats where your choices directly affect the development of the story.


That’s it for today, just wanted to make a quick notice of these new games in case you were wondering what to play next. Hope you like my picks. See you guys soon!



Retro Game Spotlight: Arx Fatalis

In my recent post I mentioned Dishonored II and gave it some praise. It is well earned since Dishonored is truly an exceptional game, some would say one of its kind and it wouldn’t be too far away from truth. However there are those of us who can help but feel a strange similarity to an older game when playing through Dishonored.

Most of you have probably never heard about the game called Arx Fatalis. Why is this important? This game is a direct spiritual predecessor to a Dishonored franchise. It is made by the same people, the Arkane Studios and it is a fairly similar game having a hub like open world where the players are free to act as they see fit, just like in Dishonored.

Arx Fatalis is an open world but deliberately chooses not to be completely a sandbox game (learn more about open world and sendbox games here). It came out around the same time as the critically acclaimed The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind which was kinda working against it since Morrowind was a huge deal back in its day, especially when it cames to role playing and it literally overshadowed pretty much every game trying to introduce open world and to an extent sandbox elements.

Arx Fatalis is a game about exploration which allows for a very authentic role play experience. It is one of the rare games that provides the player with equal amount of challenge and fun no matter what role you choose to play and no matter what side you pick. Unlike most of the modern games that try to present as much of their content to a player during one play through as possible, Arx Fatalis options out for a replayability rather than for a lengthy play through but this does not mean that the game itself is not very rich and lengthy experience for a single play through.

It perfectly blends the genres of exploration adventure with the semi open world mechanics allowing the player to gradually progress throughout the areas but not letting them wander off too far for their own good. This creates a feeling of an open world without restrictions, invisible barriers or similar immersion breaking mechanics making you feel as though you actually belong in the world that you inhabit.

Other than its thoughtfully designed open world and character development, the game features one of the most interesting spell casting mechanics ever seen in a video game. Holding down the cast button brings up the cursor which you use to draw runes on screen. Specific combinations of runes have specific effects so playing a mage requires you to actually memorize all the different combinations in order to play efficiently. In my case this actually contributed greatly to the feel of being a mage.

Last but not least, there is the fact that some people would perhaps like to experience a bit of that Dishonored feel but are simply not able to do so due to the technical limitations of their hardware and there’s a great probability that this game will run as smooth as possible no matter how under powered you computer is so, there’s another reason to give it a go.